Super Stickman Golf 2

Super stickman 2 golf game for ipad

Developer:  Noodlecake Studios
Download:  Get on iTunes
Official link:  Super Stickman Golf 2
Price: Free (in-app purchases available)

Super Stickman Golf 2 is easily one of the top free iPad games available today. It takes the wild mini-golf courses you dreamed of as kid and lets you play through with a 9-iron. It’s simple and relaxed, yet quite challenging and even a little crazy. Whether you’re a fan of golf or not, there’s a lot to like in this free game stuffed full of content.

Right from the first hole you can tell this is a simple yet polished iPad game. The controls are straightforward. You tap left and right arrows to change the angle of your shot. You tap the Go! button to start charging up your shot. Tap it again to finalize the strength of your swing and then watch the ball fly. It’ll sail and bounce through the crisp and colorful course. The graphics are nothing fancy, but they get the job done. The only thing overly simplistic in this game is the repetitive music, but fortunately there’s a mute button.

The first course introduces the typical golf standards: sand traps that end the momentum of your ball and water traps that penalize your score. However, the courses themselves are far from standard. They consist of underground tunnels and giant rolling hills and platforms in the sky. It’s as much of a delight to explore the inventive designs as it is to finally sink that shot.

It’s even more satisfying when you make it through one of the harder stages full of creative traps and obstacles. Some levels have pink goo on the walls that your ball can stick to. Others have different colored portals that teleport your ball from one side to another. There are moving platforms, magnets, bottomless pits, and narrow, tricky shortcuts. Oh, and watch out for ball-exploding lasers!

But fear not if the tricky courses make it seem like you’re outmatched. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to special power-ups that can give you a much needed advantage. There are mulligans that let you take back an errant shot. There are ice balls that freeze over water traps and spare you from the penalty stroke. And there are balls with air brakes that let you stop them in mid-flight.

Navigating through these fun and wild courses is reason enough to download this game, but there’s even more incentive given just how much there is to unlock. More courses, players, power-ups, and hats with special abilities can be acquired through either gaining experience or by spending “bonus bux,” the in-game currency obtained by playing through courses and completing achievements. Bonus bux can also be bought through in-app purchases, though it’s not necessary to do so.

Adding replay value to an already packed game, there are three main ways to play through each course. The first is the usual way you play golf: to get the lowest score possible. Depending on how low you score, you’ll receive either a red, silver, or gold star, with gold giving you the most experience points. The second and perhaps most exciting way is to par the course without using any kind of power-up. This can be quite challenging but also quite thrilling when you finally pull it off and reap the experience reward. The third way is rather interesting as it causes you to take shots you normally wouldn’t want to make (such as into a water trap or down a pit) in order to hit and collect bonus bux that are flying in the air. If you collect all ten spread about a course, you’ll receive an even bigger bonus bux reward.

Bonus bux are mainly used to acquire things related to aesthetics or special abilities. For example, you can spend them to change the color of the trail that your ball leaves behind as it flies through the air. You can also use them in the Hat Lottery to hopefully receive a hat that gives you a huge bonus such as an increase in power. Some of the hats have other effects such as turning the water traps blood red or shrinking your character. However, it’s all luck of the draw, and as you fill up your inventory, it’s going to cost you more and more bonus bux in order to not get a duplicate hat.

In addition to the extensive single player campaign, there are also several modes available for multiplayer fun. There’s the Turn Based mode where you can go back and forth with a friend in a normal round of golf. But there’s also Race Mode where the rules of golf go out the window, and your only goal is to sink your ball in the hole before anyone else, regardless of how many strokes it takes you. It can get quite chaotic, especially when your opponents start using their own power-ups!

With over 30 courses, 250 holes, multiplayer modes, and tons of stuff to unlock, there’s a lot of zany golf to play here. So swing away and have hours of fun in one of the best free games for iPad: Super Stickman Golf 2!

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